Apple Care

Apple Care+ on MacBook and iMacs

MacBooks and iMacs are one of the important components of the Apple ecosystem. Owning most of the wonderful Apple devices without a good MacBook leaves you a great dent to fill!. We are here to make your Apple life complete by providing quality support for your Mac devices. We troubleshoot and fix problems with MacBooks and iMacs, we do screen replacement, repair faulty logic boards, replaces weak mac batteries, do hardware upgrade for older Macs and others. Mac is expensive! why not care for it? we also provide maintenance services for Mac devices that overheats, produce noise, and slow Macs. Take proper care of your Mac devices to maintain a greater Apple Ecosystem. Our Apple care services is cheap and for every Mac User.

Apple Care+ on iPhone, iPad and iWatch

We troubleshoot and repair iPhones, and iPads. We work on faulty logic boards, Wifi connectivity issues, liquid spills, GSM network issues, mouth piece and ear piece issues, screen and battery replacement, Data recovary, iOS recovary, etc. We can help you to reset lost pin codes and resolve issues with your iCloud if you are able to prove ownership of the device.

Special Apple Servies

We can help to maintain and modernize your IT infrastructure and solve various infrastructure-specific issues a business may face.

What We Do

  • We provide screen replacement services for all Apple devices.
  • Device uptime is very important. Lets care for your weak battery health.
  • Liquid spill can damage your expensive Apple product. Get support.
  • We can recover or reinstall your device OS. That is Mac OS, iOS, Watch OS
  • Bring all your Mac logic board issues to us. Les fix and recover the dead boards
  • Your old Mac can run the latest Mac OS. Come for an upgrade and smile.

Apple Fix Works

We fix and maintain only Apple Devices: Screen Replacement, Liquid Spill, Logic Board Repairs, Battery Replacement, Mac OS Installation, Mac System Update.